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Election Day is Tuesday May 2, 2023.
Early Voting at Town Hall begins Saturday April 22 and runs through Friday April 28.

Hear Sue's conversation with Susan Howards about domestic violence issues and public housing on Susan's show, SAFETY NET.

Why I am Running for Re-election to the Brookline Housing Authority Board

Susan Cohen at a Housing Justice Demonstration

In seeking re-election, I offer both the experience and knowledge needed to work toward the preservation of our properties, along with a demonstrated commitment and respect for public housing tenants and their needs.

I have dedicated my career, my whole working life, to the interests of low-income tenants. I firmly believe that every person has a right to quality housing that is also affordable. I see my work as a BHA Commissioner to make this a reality, not just an aspiration.

I started my work life representing low-income tenants, and decided to represent public housing authorities so I could be part of the positive, proactive side of preserving our housing, creating new housing opportunities, and giving tenants the home and the voice they deserve.

I have demonstrated the ability to build opportunities for our residents during these times of inadequate resources for public housing and bureaucratic systems that can often leave the tenant's experience out of the equation. I can offer informed and thoughtful perspectives on policy decisions, always considering the impact on the residents.

As a housing authority lawyer, I am in contact with public housing tenants on a regular basis - face to face, one on one, discussing their experiences and challenges. I hear from tenants who have experienced domestic violence, tenants who have economic crises, immigrants who fear they will lose their housing, and disabled tenants who need reasonable accommodation. listen, engage and look for solutions that will support the residents and address their concerns.

I have brought this perspective and experience to Brookline and to my work during the past 5 years I've served on the Board. have both the long, deep, relationship to public housing tenants and their needs, but also the experience, knowledge, and expertise to accomplish our goals.

I have been involved in the BHA's transformation of several elderly developments and we are on track to finish this work. I have been involved in expanding and enhancing our social service programs to support families, the disabled, and the elderly, and providing supports to our residents who are not English-speaking.

lam deeply committed to saving our state-assisted family housing, a challenge that will require all the tools that I have acquired during my entire career.

My work as a BHA Commissioner is not done.
l ask for your support and your vote so I can carry on this important work.

Thank you so much,

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