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Election Day is Tuesday May 2, 2023.
Early Voting at Town Hall begins Saturday April 22 and runs through Friday April 28.

My Priorities

Susan Cohen holding sign that reads Housing Justice standing next to husband Frank


I am committed to diversity and opportunity for people of all backgrounds to live in Brookline regardless of income. That has been my lifelong commitment. BHA serves a rich and diverse community that enhances life for everyone in town. Our policies and practices must be inclusive, supportive, and welcoming to all.

Affordable Housing

I will lead new initiatives at the BHA to preserve, improve, and expand the quality and supply of affordable housing in Brookline. We need to collaborate with the Town, the state, and the federal government to maximize our ability to serve our current residents and those who are still on the waiting list.

State Assisted Public Housing

I will focus on pathways to the support and preservation of our funding-deprived state-aided public housing. We need to pursue additional funding for maintenance and operation of our family housing that has not been adequately supported by the state legislature. We need to work to provide adequate funds to address the deep capital needs of our properties so they can be available to our residents for years to come. We cannot afford to let this valuable asset be lost to neglect.

Resident Services & Support

I will ensure that the BHA continues to expand and deepen its rich panoply of resident services for families, disabled, and elderly.


BHA’s rehabilitation and replacement of its developments has offered an opportunity to make significant and cutting-edge improvements in its energy profile. Colonel Floyd Apartments will meet “Passive House” energy efficiency standards. The BHA is exploring an off-site Power Purchase Agreement that would finance new solar fields and provide the BHA with 100% renewable energy for its electrical consumption at State Public Housing developments.

Susan Cohen standing outside the State house as part of a demonstration

Susan Cohen standing outside the State house as part of GBIO demonstration for housing justice.

Susan Cohen in front of Morse Apartments

Sue at the newly renovated Morse Apartments.